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  1. How do I download and install KF-Kiran fonts?

Follow below instructions:

  • Click on Download KF Fonts link on home page, and select the package you want to download. Make the payment and download the file at the end of transaction.
  • Create a New folder in C or D drive and move the downloaded compressed .ZIP file into it.
  • Right click on the file and select the option "Extract here" to expand all the files into the new folder.
  • Go inside the folder, you will find a PDF and multiple TTF files.
  • Select all the TTF files together, by clicking on each file while pressing CTRL button
  • After the files are selected, right click on them, it should show install option, click on that to install all the fonts
  • You are ready to use the fonts now in any windows program that allows you to select fonts


  1. How can I start using the font?
  • Open your favourite windows program, such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.
  • Select the font as KF-Kiran (or any other KF font from the package you have installed) from the drop down
  • Type "namaskxar" to get devnagari text नमस्कार. 'x' after 'k' is intentional spacing character.
  • Refer to the keyboard layout document, to understand what to type for rest of the text


  1. In which programs can I use Kiran fonts?
  • KF fonts are designed to work in any Microsoft Windows program from its inception. It works wonderfully from Windows 95 till Windows 10 which is the current version.
  • You can use it in MS Office, MS Paint or any other third party programs as well that are installed on Microsoft windows that allows to set Font for text formatting
  • KF is also reported to work in Coreldraw, InDesign and other Desk Top Publishing softwares without any issues


  1. Which Operating Systems does the KF fonts work?
  • Although KF fonts were designed for Microsoft Windows, it has been widely used by worldwide users on Operating systems like Linux, Mac, etc


  1. Will it work on my Smartphone/iPhone?
  • Theoretically yes, But can't be of much use. KF is specialized in typing ease on QWERTY keyboard. On Smartphones, you have soft-keyboards and you can use some devnagari keyboard for your purpose
  • Alternatively, read the conversion section below to know how your KF text be used in Social media


  1. How do I know what to type to get a particular letter / Jodakshar (Combination letter)?
  • Refer to Keyboard Layout PDF document sent in the downloaded ZIP file


  1. I see that the characters are too close after typing or फ?
  • Read the Keyboard Layout PDF document in the downloaded ZIP file to understand the correct usage of KF fonts and how special combination characters (जोडाक्षर) can be written using the same.



  1. Can I convert my text into Unicode, as newspapers/publishers are asking me?
  • KF has also developed Unicode Conversion utility for the convenience of its users. You can download it from the "Conversion utilities" link for your use.
  • Select appropriate utility that you need "Unicode to KF" (For converting any देवनागरी text from Whatsapp/Facebook into KF fonts) or "KF to Unicode" (For converting KF written text into Unicode to email/Facebook/Whatsapp or other Media)
  • Download the same into your computer.
  • You can simply open the same in Internet Explorer.
  • Allow all permission dialogs for enabling the conversion script and follow the onscreen instructions for the same


  1. I see English characters, when I try to publish my KF written text into Facebook / Whatsapp?
  • You are probably copying the KF text as is into Facebook Post
  • You need to first convert the KF text into Unicode by using "Conversion Utilities" on kiranfont.com before posting
  • Converted text can then be posted in Facebook/Whatsapp or any other Internet social media.
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