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Keyboard Layout

KF-Kiran Keyboard Layout

Following characters can be obtained by pressing Alt key and typing nnnn on the Numeric keypad.

Q. How to get the Indian currency sign ₹ in KF fonts?
A. For getting this letter, first download and install the latest KF fonts, if you have the fonts downloaded before 1st January 2012. If you have already installed previous fonts, say overwrite whenever asked during installation.
There are various methods for getting this letter in KF fonts.
1. The code assigned for ₹ in KF-Kiran fonts is 0226. You can get the character by Pressing and holding Alt key while typing 0 2 2 6 on Numeric Keypad at the right of the keyboard and releasing the Alt key.
2. Laptop doesn’t have the Right side Numeric keypad. In this case, in most laptops, there is a special key ‘Fn’ that is located near Ctrl and Alt on left side. You need to press and hold Fn and Alt keys together and then type mkko (Keys to represent 0226 on Num. Keypad) and release the keys for the letter to appear.
3. Latest KF font also has ₹ located at its Unicode codepoint U+20B9. In Microsoft Word (Any version), type 20B9 and press Alt+x immediately while the cursor is after 9.
4. In Microsoft Word 2007, use Insert / Symbol / more symbols option and choose the symbol from the dialog box.

Vowels & Consonants

barakhadi for most characters

Special Instructions
Type ' x ' after k f  to add space.
In devanagari, only k f  these characters have a bar in the center. In order to get Matra , Ardhchandra , Anuswar or Ukar properly at the center of these characters, after typing the letter itself, type ' x ' after Matra, Ardhchandra, Anuswar or Ukar

DO NOT USE SPACEBAR FOR THUS PURPOSE. ALWAYS USE 'x'. Here is the barakhadi for your reference
K barakhadi

F barakhadi


Special Combinations
Special Combinations

Compare Kiran with KF-Kiran. What is changed on main keyboard?
Special Combinations

Special Combinations Special Combinations

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