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Note: This is not a commercial site.
This site is solely maintained by the author of this site. The maintenance cost and the development cost is borne by the author and is shared by voluntary donors who are satisfied users of Kiran fonts.
Please be aware that KF-Kiran Fonts are NON UNICODE Based and do not work on plain text Internet sites such as facebook. You can use these fonts for artistic purpose in any Windows application that supports font formatting such as Word, Powerpoint, Paint shop and so on

Monday, July 15, 2024


* Much Easier and Convenient than any UNICODE FONT KEYBOARD / IME.
* You can easily interchange the text written between KF Kiran and Unicode by using FREE 'Conversion Utilities'.
* Ability to Write in the same sequence as you would write on paper.
* Works effortlessly and correctly in all programs such as Word, Excel, Pagemaker, Photoshop, etc.
* No Need to memorise Keyboard Layout. Practice for 15-20 mins will make you profficient in typing
* Although designed for Windows, works also in MacOS and Linux as well.
* KF Kiran fonts are based on ASCII standard, Hence it will continue to work on old, current and future generations of computers.
* KF Kiran fonts are available at very low cost, hence, its use is easy unlike other fonts or software systems.
* For Desk Top Publishing, KF Kiran fonts provide 11 different fonts for a very small price.
* Many Hindi, Marathi, Nepali News channels, Daily Publications, Picture Sub-titling, Captions, Advertising agencies all over the world use KF Kiran Fonts
* With KF Kiran Fonts, you can write all JODAKSHARs in many ways but at least one option is available.
* You can write according to your own free will and not depend on the behaviour of any other software that is required by other fonts/unicode.
* In Kiran Font, all keyboard keys have a meaningfull shape/sign and it does not get altered due to other contextual characters.
* Do not need any advanced computer or technical skills or configurations. You can do the installation yourself

From Author's Desk ....

Welcome to the site that get the largest hits for Devnagari Font Downloads.

Here goes a brief history about this site.

In early 1999, I was looking for a good Marathi (Devnagari) font. I did a lot of research but could not find a single font that had all the features that I wanted to have and was available FREE of cost! I found the Shivaji family fonts that was the closest match, but it had its own limitations in terms of quality and some keyboard mapping that I found not user friendly. CDAC had good quality fonts in their demo software. However, it always required their software in order to use it in any program.

I wanted something thats easy to use, freely available, works across system and platforms without any alterations and doesn't need any additional software as dependency.
I then gave up and took up the challenge of developing a font myself. Its a painstaking process but ultimately I thought I have to do it! I commited myself to this task and created my first font Kiran.ttf. It became popular in my friends' circle. Then I made an official release of the same in late 1999.

In 2000, I registered kiranfont.com and made it available to everyone, FREE of charge, no bars and since then managed to keep it that way so far! It got so wildspread and popular among the masses, that I had to upgrade the download infrastructure multiple times to support the hits I'm continued to get.

Around 2004, I identified few enhancements to original design and created 7 Premium fonts that are part of the current KF Family.

On 15th January 2008, the first 3 Premium Fonts are also made FREE to public.

On 15th January 2018, Total of 11 KF Fonts are available to public. The basic version of KF-Kiran is still available for people FREE of cost.

So far, I've been bearing the cost of development of the fonts and maintaining the site, but any business can sponsor the site for an year for Rs.10000. I was hoping that UNICODE would solve the challenges working on computers in Devnagari and I can gracefully shutdown my activity but unfortunately, the picture is rather complicated...

If you have reached here so far, thanks for reading. I've started sharing my thoughts on unicode devanagari at http://unidevmarathi.blogspot.com. Please feel free to comment / question on any of the topics or by sending an email to me.

Meanwhile, go ahead and explore the site and enjoy your day. P.S. Kiran fonts are NOT UNICODE based. They do not substitute any other devnagari fonts. By installing these fonts, you can only be able to view the devnagari sites that uses Kiran fonts. They are designed only to work with Windows OS. However, people ARE using it successfully on Mac and Linux.

Site Version 1.0 Released on 1 May 2001
Site Version 2.0 Released on 11 May 2005 (Akshay Trutiya)
Update on 15 January 2008 (Makar Sankrant) to release 3 KF-Kiran fonts FREE for public.
Update on 23 December 2009 to provide Site History on from page
Update on 18 January 2012 updated Site History on this page for 2 more FREE fonts and 1 more Paid Font.
Please send all the comments to
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